Private Home Education Tutor From Tutortoo 

Home educating your child can be either an exciting or daunting prospect. Whether you have been home educating for a while, or are only at the point of considering it to be an option, we have specialist home education tutors available who can support you with every element of your journey through what can sometimes feel like uncharted waters. 

The Decision To Home Educate 

An increasing amount of parents are choosing to home educate their children. This can be for a wide variety of reasons. Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner, has stated very clearly that, “there are clear indications that the growth in home education is related to the rise in children leaving school due to their needs being unmet” which is a sad indictment on the system. 
Home educators do not have to follow the National Curriculum, although many parents prefer to stick, at least in part, to using the curriculum to provide some structure to learning. Irrespective of the method of learning used, it is a legal requirement on home educating parents that the children being home educated are literate and numerate to the level required for their age, ability and any special needs they have. 

Help and Advice is Available 

If you are considering making a move to home educating your child, call us for a conversation. Having a plan before you withdraw your child from a school often makes a real difference to the practicalities of home education, eg access to examinations. 
In most situations there is no funding available for parents who are home educating their children but there are some exceptions. These largely apply where students are not off-rolled from a school and where there might be additional learning needs and/or disabilities. 

Tutortoo Supports All Home Educated Children 

Our home education support includes specialist tutors who can help supplement your child’s learning in any subject. 
We can provide support to simply keep your child on track in English and Maths for their age, ability and any special needs they have. 
We can provide a full or partial timetable in a variety of subjects at any level. 
Alternatively, we can help prepare children for specific exams in any subject. 
We have worked with many home educated children over the last few years and offer solutions which fit around your situation. 
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