Year 7 Preparation Enrolment Form 
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Child Details 
OUR COMPANY: Tutortoo is an agency for procuring and arranging, for and on behalf of the students and clients, one to one and group tuition services by tutors registered with Tutortoo Cardiff. 
TUTOR MATCH: Tutortoo shall provide tutors for the students and for subjects stated overleaf within a reasonable time. 
TUTORS: Tutor availability varies depending on season, subject and type of tutor requested. All tutors are Enhanced DBS checked and qualified in their subject of expertise. It is mandated that all tutors shall undergo an enhanced criminal background check and provide Tutortoo with a copy of the Enhanced DBS. 
AGREEMENT CANCELLATION: The price charged for these sessions is reduced because the tutoring is being offered on a group basis. As a result, there are no cancellations allowed throughout the full term of the agreement and the parent is liable for payment of the full amount of £210. 
PARENT/GUARDIAN: A chaperone such as a parent or legal guardian defined as a person at least eighteen (18) years of age, must be present for drop off and pickup during each tutoring session. Children should arrive at least 10 minutes before each session so that we can get everyone settled punctually. Children must be collected punctually at the end of each session. If someone other than the parent/guardian for whom you have provided details is collecting your child, please inform a member of our team as we are unable to release children to anyone else without notice. 
BEHAVIOUR: We expect children to be well behaved during sessions in order to support learning for the whole group. Poor behaviour will be brought to your attention and may lead to your child’s removal from the group if not addressed appropriately. 
PAYMENTS: All payments shall be paid through Tutortoo. On signing this agreement, you are committed to making the full payment of £210. 
NON-PAYMENTS: Non-Payments may result in the termination of this agreement. A returned payment or cancellation of a direct debit, standing order or other agreed payment method may result in the client’s service being stopped without notice and a charge may be applicable to re- instate the service. 
NO GUARANTEES: Tutortoo, its agents or registered tutors do not guarantee any grade or level or entrance to any particular school by the student who is tutored by Tutortoo's tutors. 
TUTOR CHANGE: It is understood that Tutortoo can switch tutors as deemed necessary and the student or family will not be charged when such switching is deemed necessary. 
MONTHLY INVOICE & REPORTS: Tutortoo will send an invoice for the booking of the 12 week Year 6 Maths Transition programme. Payment for all session must be made in advance of the block taking place. After each block of sessions, tutors will write a short report which will be viewable on the client’s online account. 
NOTICES: Any communication and or notice required or permitted to be given under the terms of this agreement shall be in writing and shall be by prepaid registered letter or by electronic mail addressed to the party for which it is intended at the address stated overleaf, or to such other address as may be substituted from time to time in writing, and if mailed, it shall be deemed to be given forty-eight (48) hours after the date of the registration receipt. The postal address for correspondence is below. 
Tutortoo Cardiff 
Address: 15 Neptune Ct, Vanguard Way, Cardiff, CF24 5PJ 
Tel: 01633 678819 
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